As you may know, yoga is widely thought to be a system of exercises for the body. But traditionally yoga is primarily related with the mind. Actually, Yoga is Meditation.
YOGAMI  is my heartfelt synthesis of yoga from years of dedication as a practitioner and years of teaching. My approach is anchored in a deep understanding of contemplative practices such as mindfulness, meditation and self-inquiry.

  Yoga as Meditation


The Art of Deep Listening


Contemplative practices support us in practicing the art of deep listening. The practice to pause and kindly meet ourselves in our daily life in any given moment. The practice to experience the energy of being aware and awake to our present moment, welcome it, and in so doing to inform and to change us from the inside out. 


By experiencing these practices, I help people connect with their truest self. We face directly what before we were unwilling to see. Our receptiveness opens non-judgmentally to the process of self-awareness and self-observation because we are noticing and observing our breath, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and our whole body as sensations. In return, we gain insight as to how these elements work together and influence each other, and that they aren’t as “real” as they seem.

Ultimately, people become less caught up in habitual negative response patterns and new ways of being emerge. Clarity and transformation come naturally, impacting the environments we inhabit, from relationships to work. But this requires dedication.

We recognize an intrinsic sense of peace during all circumstances, living a contented life free from conflict, fear and dissatisfaction.



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When We Get Quite and Listen

iRest Yoga nidra and dyads

iRest Yoga Nidra follows a very clear steps of how to process the obstacles and challenges that life presents. It is a profound and yet simple guided  practice that allows people to experience a deep sense of relaxation and to get to know themselves better. This practice is suitable for everyone because it only requires the person to rest comfortably, either lying down or seated, listen to the teacher suggestions and receive effortlessly the unimaginable benefits of this restorative practice.

Margaret delivers Yoga Nidra sessions in groups during workshops.

Also dyads: a co-meditation  1:1, in which the practitioner guides the client and that enables his/her thoughts, emotions and beliefs to surface and be explored.

Mindfulness: Breath work and Body sensing

Mindfulness, or focused attention practice, involves trying to maintain your attention on one sensation, like for example the feeling of your breath, parts of the body, and how to become relaxed while lying down amongst others.

These practices can calm your central nervous system so that you can achieve deep physical and mental relaxation, enhance your body’s natural resiliency for dealing with stress, in order to feel calm, grounded and healthy.


In meditation, while you aim to maintain focus on the breath, the goal is really to learn about the content of your mind. In fact, meditation is not about stopping the thinking process (that is not possible), but it is actually a process of investigating your own mind and changing the way you relate to its content: emotions, thoughts, images and believes.


Asanas, Mantras, Poetry, Quality time in Nature, and

Conversations about Neuroscience and Yoga, Nutrition and Ayuverda.




Margaret Guerra is a certified iRest® Yoga Nidra and has taught veterans with PTSD at The Royal Hospital Chelsea in London, she has paired her knowledge with abstinence-based structured drug and alcohol programme at the Battersea Alcohol Service (BAS), she teaches workshops of meditation in Europe (London, Berlin), USA (Miami), Canada (Edmonton) and Venezuela (Caracas, Valencia)

Thanks to her training as a medical doctor in Venezuela (1992) and the many years of being mentored by psychologist Richard Miller, PhD, founder of iRest® Yoga Nidra (www.irest us), and Swami Nitya Muktananda, her teachings are rooted in non-dualistic philosophy and her approach is somatically based, trauma-sensitive and informed by neuroscience.

Margaret has followed an integral yoga education influenced by teachers like Swami Nitya Muktananda, Sonia Sumar, Sri. Tiwari O.P., Paul Dallaghan, Rod Stryker and Douglas Keller.


 “I deliver the teachings of meditation and self-inquiry in a manner that makes them easily accessible to all, providing a supportive, safe, and nurturing environment, that enables participants to deeply rest and relax while learning to intimately explore the nature of their own experience.” - Margaret Guerra

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